Marketing your school to parents

Understand your role in marketing your school. Help senior leaders identify what parents are looking for in a school and choose the messages that will make your school stand out.

Last reviewed on 9 June 2022
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  1. What's my role?
  2. Evaluate the school's current approach
  3. Identify your unique selling points
  4. Collect feedback from parents
  5. Come up with your key messages and choose your channels
  6. Use our template to help with your marketing plan

What's my role?

As always, you need to stay within the scope of your strategic role. You'll work with your headteacher and senior leadership team (SLT) to:

  • Develop the school's marketing strategy
  • Monitor and ask questions around the marketing budget, making sure it's used for maximum impact and return on investment
  • Ask questions about the impact of the strategy 

You won't implement the actions in the strategy yourself.

For example, you might decide with senior leaders that your school facilities are attractive to prospective parents. Taking updated photos of the school would be a way for parents to see these facilities. While you've helped to identify a unique selling point of your school, you won't take the photos yourself, as that's operational. 

Some schools have a specific link governor for marketing. This works especially well if your board has co-opted governors who were appointed for