Last reviewed on 7 March 2017
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How can we market our school to prospective parents? This article has a KeyDoc guide to developing a marketing strategy. You will also find advice on raising a school's profile in the community, and using social media to communicate with parents.

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KeyDoc: developing a strategy

We worked with one of our associate education experts, Justin Smith, on a step-by-step guide to developing a school marketing plan.

The guide will be particularly useful for schools without a school business manager (SBM), or other access to marketing expertise.

It comprises 7 steps:

  1. Write an executive summary
  2. Carry out a SWOT analysis
  3. Undertake market research
  4. Meet market needs
  5. Develop your message
  6. Spread the word
  7. Monitor and evaluate

Evaluating the school's current approach

Justin also advised us on the role of governors in marketing the school to prospective parents.

He said governors should ask whether the school has a coordinated approach to marketing. Schools should deploy a strategic approach to marketing which sits alongside the school improvement plan.