Last reviewed on 16 January 2020
School types: Academy · School phases: All
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You're in a unique position to know if your trust's centrally-developed curriculum meets the needs of all pupils in your school. Understand your role and how to raise any concerns you have about the curriculum.

Our associate education experts, Maggie Waller and Ian Preston, helped us to write this article.

First, check your scheme of delegation

This is so you know what your responsibilities are in terms of monitoring your school's curriculum as an LGB.

Depending on your delegated responsibilities, the way you'll monitor the curriculum may be very similar to that of governing boards. Read our article on governors' role in monitoring it, but bear in mind that you might not have responsibility for all the areas.

Ofsted expects your curriculum to meet all pupils' needs

Inspectors will examine whether your curriculum intent meets the needs of all learners (see page 9 of the Education Inspection Framework).

Through your monitoring activities and the conversations you have with school and subject leaders, you'll be able to tell whether the