Improvement, inspection and expansion in MATs

  • Commissioning high-quality trusts: summary of guidance
    Get to grips with the DfE’s guidance on commissioning high-quality trusts. Understand how the DfE measures the quality of trusts, and what it means for your trust.
  • Evidencing good trust governance
    Use our questions and checklist to think about and evidence how effective governance is in your trust. This will help you demonstrate that you're meeting the trust quality descriptions if you're trying to grow your trust, and it can be a source to draw on in an Ofsted summary review.
  • How to develop a central governance team
    Get advice on setting up the best possible central governance team to provide governance services for your local governing bodies (LGBs). Use our templates to save time auditing your trust and consulting your governors and clerks.
  • How to embed your scheme of delegation
    Make sure your scheme of delegation works in practice and helps staff, trustees and local governors achieve your trust's objectives. Follow our tips to make sure your scheme keeps pace with changes across your trust and is applied effectively.
  • How to make sure your local governing bodies are effective and engaged
    Trust boards and governance leads, be clear on how to develop an effective relationship with your local governing bodies (LGBs). Make sure they understand their role and access training and development, so they feel accountable and engaged to become effective players in your trust.