Last reviewed on 25 April 2022
School types: All · School phases: All
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Make sure your scheme of delegation works in practice and helps staff, trustees and local governors achieve your trust's objectives. Follow our tips to make sure your scheme keeps pace with changes across your trust and is applied effectively.

Thanks to Tiffany Beck, one of our associate education experts, for her help in writing this article. 

Follow these guiding principles 

Nominate someone to lead this work. This could be your trust-wide clerk, governance lead, chair of trustees or company secretary, depending on your structure. This person should become your expert on the scheme so your local governing bodies (LGBs) and other stakeholders across the trust have a key contact they can go to moving forward.

Consult and communicate with all stakeholders every step of the way, including your LGBs, headteachers and trust central team.

Recognise that it's a change to your management process, so there'll be headaches. This is particularly the case where you've changed the responsibilities