Last reviewed on 7 March 2022
School types: All · School phases: All
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Get advice on setting up the best possible central governance team to provide governance services for your local governing bodies (LGBs). Use our templates to save time auditing your trust and consulting your governors and clerks.

Our thanks to our associate education experts Brendan Hollyer, Fiona Stagg, Jill Wakefield and Steve Ward for their help with this article. Also thanks to director of governance Cathy Brown, governance professional Laura Corcoran, clerk to the board Karen Frogatt and governance manager Sara Scott, who also helped with this article.

A note on terminology: in this article we use the term 'central governance team’ to mean whoever sits centrally in the trust to provide governance support to local governing bodies (LGBs) and clerks.

This article is aimed at whoever leads this central team. This individual may be called a ‘governance co-ordinator’, ‘governance manager’, ‘head of governance’ or something different.

What are the benefits of doing this?

Streamline communication and improve efficiency  Make sure there’s consistency and a standard of quality across your LGBs (for example, through a central source of training and a standardised clerking service) Give