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  • 7 common pitfalls in academy conversion What are the common pitfalls during academy conversion? In this article, four of our associate education experts explain some common pitfalls schools experience during academy conversion, and how to avoid them.
  • Academy conversion: consultation Converting to an academy is a big decision. Find out who you should consult, how to do it, and what information to include in your consultation.
  • Academy conversion process As a chair of governors, be clear on each step of the academy conversion process so you know what you need to do from start to finish. Use our handy checklist to keep track of the tasks to complete so you know you've got everything covered.
  • Due diligence: schools joining an existing MAT How can we assess MATs that we may join? This article includes a KeyDoc for schools to use to carry out due diligence on a multi-academy trust (MAT) they might join. It also looks at the purpose of due diligence and the characteristics of successful MATs.
  • Questions for governors to ask about academy conversion Governors need to know the right questions to ask when considering academy conversion. We relay suggestions of questions or topics that governors could consider before and during the conversion process. We also link to DfE guidance on the conversion process.
  • Schemes of delegation in multi-academy trusts All MATs do governance differently, and your scheme of delegation will set out your trust's approach. As a local governor, you need to be familiar with this document. Understand what kind of information you'll find in your scheme of delegation and when you should look to it for answers.