How to write your scheme of delegation

Your MAT is required to have a scheme of delegation that shows who does what in your trust's governance structure. Follow our tips on what to include and what to consider when writing your scheme or giving it an annual review. Plus, see examples of how other trusts have written theirs.

on 15 April 2024
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  1. Requirements
  2. The scheme of delegation is a joint effort
  3. Clarify the role and responsibilities of all stakeholders
  4. Have detailed lines of accountability so there's no ambiguity
  5. Adapt your scheme to your trust 
  6. Review your scheme annually
  7. Train everyone up once the scheme is in place
  8. Writing a scheme: case studies
  9. Examples from other trusts
  10. Template schemes for church schools


Your trust:

  • Must create a detailed scheme of delegation which sets out the trust's governance structure, and shows the delegation of decision-making and financial powers
  • Must publish this on its website as well as a simpler scheme of delegation, including the structure and remit of the trust board, committees and LGBs and the full names of chairs
    • This must be 'readily accessible', which means it's published directly on your website, not on a separate, downloadable document
  • Should review its scheme of delegation annually

This is explained in paragraph 1.43, 1.44 and 2.4 of the Academy Trust Handbook (ATH) and section 4.3.6 of the academy trust governance guide.

The scheme of delegation is a joint effort

It's typically written by:

  • The trustees
  • The governance lead 
  • The CEO
    • The chief financial officer (CFO) will contribute to the financial parts, too 

Consult your stakeholders

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