Local authorities & trusts

We are currently working with around 125 organisations, including local authorities and multi-academy trusts (MATs) to support their school governors and leaders, and drive efficiency savings.

Benefits of working with us

Save costs
Organising group membership enables governing bodies to access the service at a significantly reduced price.

Add capacity to your governor advisory team and clerks
Let us become the first port of call on day-to-day issues. This will free up your advisory staff and clerks to focus on their core role, giving them the chance to make a difference where it really matters.

Resources for your advisory staff
If enough schools join, your advisory staff can benefit from access to our websites too.

Professionalising governance
With growing pressure on governing bodies to become more skilled and professionalised, providing them with support to do their job properly is of vital importance.

Data and insights

We can provide data on the questions being asked by your school governors, sorted by role and phase, size and type of school. This can help you spot gaps in knowledge and plan training tailored to local needs and strategy.

Embracing the national agenda
The education system is changing rapidly. The Key for School Governors ensures that governors are kept abreast and informed. They can tap into national and international good practice and apply this locally.

Our data and insights can help you spot gaps and tailor training to local needs and strategy

An autonomous way to solve challenges
The Key for School Governors provides governing bodies with a robust support system and learnings from around the country – yet also an independent and autonomous way to solve challenges.

Popular ways of working with us

We can tailor our approach to suit your requirements and to ensure optimal take-up and engagement with our service. Popular ways to work with us include:

  • Facilitating subsidised or reduced cost membership on behalf of schools as part of your training and development offering to governors (and charging costs back to them)
  • Including The Key for School Governors in your clerking service or other service level agreement with schools (basic package, opt-in or opt-out)
  • Buying access for all schools, or a set number of schools (single- and multi-year agreements) as part of a wider education strategy

Encouraging synergies between leadership and governance

Many organisations take a holistic approach, combining The Key for School Governors with The Key for School Leaders. This encourages strategic and operational synergies, and ensures that leaders and governors are working effectively together. Click here to find out more information on our school leader service.

Bespoke online solutions

We are experts at communicating with schools, building a community and harnessing digital technology. We can provide bespoke solutions to help you:

  • Benchmark your schools’ performance and finances
  • Communicate with schools
  • Market your traded services and local CPD
  • Deliver the latest news, trends and insights to schools

We can ensure that you are adhering to any statutory, regulatory and accessibility requirements. In addition to our in-depth sector knowledge and understanding, we can also bring years of communications, editorial, marketing, web development, content management, quality assurance, data analysis and digital know-how to support you.

Get in touch with our business development team:

By telephone – 0800 061 4500

By email – [email protected]