Last reviewed on 16 May 2019
School types: All · School phases: All
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Providing effective challenge to the SLT is a key part of being a governor. There are several ways you can do it - read about them here.

The advice in this article came from our expert Kate Foale and governance consultant Nicky Wadley.

Know your school

To hold your senior leadership team to account, you need a strong understanding of what they're trying to achieve, and the context they're trying to achieve it in.

Know your strategic objectives

Your board should have a school improvement plan (SIP) that sets out:

  • The school's objectives
  • The actions to be taken
  • Deadlines
  • Who is accountable

You should know this plan inside out. 

Know your context

External factors can have a big impact on pupil outcomes. School size, the local area and the characteristics of your pupils are just some of these. Use our 'knowing your school' checklist to make sure you've got a good grasp of your school's key information.

As you set the headteacher's performance management targets, this is an ideal opportunity to hold them to