Last reviewed on 5 July 2019
School types: All · School phases: All
Ref: 35477

An experienced governor gives you the 5 things he’s doing to move his board from good to great - see if they work for yours too.

Make everyone accountable via a written commitment

Establish and emphasise a shared commitment to the school and its outcomes whenever someone new joins your board.

Encourage everyone to see the board of governors and school leadership team as one team, all responsible for the success of the school - it’s just that some of you have executive and non-executive roles within the team.

Go further than a code of conduct and ask new governors to also sign a written statement to this effect. This sets clear expectations and makes everyone accountable for a minimum level of engagement.

This could be a separate document or part of the code of conduct itself. If there are any issues with governor engagement, you could use this as a basis for talking to any governors who aren't committing to the level you'd expect. 

I understand that by taking on the role of governor,