Schemes of delegation (maintained schools and single academies)

Get organised and understand what decisions you can delegate (and to whom) in your school. Save time by downloading our template schemes of delegation if you're a maintained school or single-academy trust.

Last reviewed on 27 September 2023
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  1. What's a scheme of delegation?
  2. Maintained school template
  3. Single-academy trust template
  4. Review annually
  5. If you're in a multi-academy trust, this document is a little different ...

What's a scheme of delegation?

It's a document that sets out who will make decisions and carry out certain functions on your governing board. 

Tasks are usually delegated to:

  • The governing board
  • Committees
  • Individual governors
  • The headteacher

Some things you can't delegate ...

Read the full list of what can and can't be delegated in our other article, Committees: what they are and what they do (scroll down to the section 'restrictions on delegation').

Maintained school template

Single-academy trust template

Review annually

Maintained schools: do this as good practice – education expert, Harry James, told us this.

These annual reviews are unlikely to result in major changes. It will often be a case