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  • Addressing difficulties with the chair of governors How can we address issues with our chair of governors? In this article, our experts suggest how governors can resolve problems with the chair, both formally and informally. We also link to further articles on having difficult conversations and governing board self-evaluation.
  • Approaching a difficult conversation with another governor How should I approach a difficult conversation with another governor? We relay advice from one of our associate education experts. We also link to guidance from ACAS and a video from Good Practice for Leaders on how to approach difficult conversations.
  • Dealing with difficult behaviour from governors How should we deal with a governor's objectionable behaviour? The chair should establish whether the governor has breached the code of conduct. This article cites advice from our associate education experts, One Education and the NGA on dealing with governors' objectionable behaviour.
  • Facebook 'cheat sheet' for governors Use our cheat sheet to keep your social media profiles secure and to help you understand what to do if you're contacted by a pupil or parent online.