Dealing with problematic governor candidates in maintained schools

The governing board can't stop a parent or staff governor candidate from standing in an election. Read guidance on how you can get the right candidate for the role, and under what circumstances elected governors can be removed.

Last reviewed on 9 November 2022
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  1. You can't discourage candidates from standing
  2. Hold an 'informed election'
  3. Communicate the code of conduct to candidates
  4. Only remove elected governors in exceptional circumstances

Throughout this article we refer to the Department for Education's (DfE) guidance on the constitution of governing boards in maintained schools.

Although this guidance specifically applies to maintained schools, your academy may wish to adopt similar procedures. If you're in an academy, check your articles of association to see what your trust's rules are around trustee or governor elections. 

You can't discourage candidates from standing

The governing board can't stop or discourage a parent or staff governor candidate from standing in an election, or endorse a particular candidate, even if there are any concerns about how appropriate a candidate is for the role.

Any member of staff, including support staff, is able to nominate themselves for a staff governor position (see page 15 of the constitution guidance, linked above). 

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