Last reviewed on 28 March 2022
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Be clear about the difference between suspension and removal, and when these sanctions may be appropriate to carry out. Understand the procedures you need to follow to protect your school or trust, and the rights of individual governors or trustees.

If a governor is removed, remember to remove them from the board on GovernorHub.

What's the difference between 'suspension' and 'removal'?

  • Suspension – where a governor is temporarily suspended from all or any board or committee meetings for up to 6 months
  • Removal – where a governor is removed from their seat and is no longer a governor on the board

These shouldn't be confused with disqualification, where a governor is no longer eligible to be a governor – see our other article for more information on disqualification

Grounds for suspending or removing a governor

There's quite a bit of overlap between the two – and sometimes you might think about both options if you're considering sanctions against a governor. 

Are an employee at the school and are the subject of disciplinary proceedings in relation to their staff role Are the subject of proceedings in any court or tribunal, the outcome of which may lead