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  • 6 key rules to remember when restructuring staff Reorganising your staff in schools is different to restructuring in other organisations. As governors, you won't manage this process, but read the key rules and requirements here so you can support your headteacher effectively.
  • Headteacher departure: managing the process What should we do if our headteacher retires or resigns? We relay advice from The Key's associate education experts on how a governing board can manage the transition to a new headteacher. We also look at phased retirement and ways that governors can support an interim headteacher in their role.
  • Restructuring your staff: governors' role The decision to restructure is strategic and part of your remit as a governor. Learn how to make this decision, find questions to ask, and get tips on supporting your headteacher through the process.
  • Staff restructures and redundancies: the process If you're reorganising your school's staffing structure, read this article to make sure you understand the process.
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  • Leadership structures: primary How do primary schools structure their leadership teams? We relay advice from one of our associate education experts on different leadership structures. We refer to examples of leadership structures from schools and link to National College case studies on this topic.
  • Primary staffing structures How are responsibilities distributed among primary school staff? We refer to guidance on primary staff roles and link to examples of primary staffing structures from primary schools. We also link to further articles on TLR payments.
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