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  • Health and safety: report to governors Find out what information other governing boards receive in reports on health and safety, to get an idea of what should be in reports you receive. Most governing boards receive an annual audit report, as we explain below.
  • Risk assessments for schools: templates Are there examples of risk assessment templates? We look at risk assessment templates from the Health and Safety Executive and 2 LAs. We also relay advice on employers' responsibilities in relation to risk assessment and management, and link to further guidance on health and safety.
  • School governors' personal liability Although there are possible circumstances when you could be held personally liable as an individual governor, this is unlikely if you act honestly, reasonably and in good faith. Read on to find out more about governors' personal liability and whether you need liability insurance.
  • Severe weather: deciding to close the school Clarify who makes the decision to close the school, and learn what your school's priorities should be when bad weather hits.
  • Statutory and mandatory risk assessments In this article, you will find a list of risk assessments that schools must hold.