Industrial action: FAQs

Get answers to your questions about strike action. Find out about the rights and responsibilities of staff in your school, and how your school should respond to industrial action.

Last reviewed on 7 September 2023
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  1. How to use this article
  2. What's the current state of play?
  3. How your school should respond to strike action
  4. What your school can do about cover and teaching arrangements
  5. Understand rights and pay for striking workers
  6. Practical considerations for strike days

These FAQs are based on:

See the Sources section at the bottom of this page for the other guidance, advice and legislation that these FAQs draw from.

Please note, unions may have differing interpretations of your school's legal requirements than the DfE. We recommend your school or trust seek legal advice and your headteacher consults with any union reps in your school as appropriate.

How to use this article

Most of these questions are operational, so your headteacher or senior leaders will handle them. However, you can use this list to:

  • Understand what happens during a strike and stay informed
  • Hold your headteacher to account for areas you're responsible for – for example, ask whether they're meeting health and safety requirements

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