Find your vision and strategy part 1: lay the groundwork

You know that your school's meant to have a strong vision statement - but what does that mean? Learn what it is, why you need one and how to get the ball rolling to find yours.

Last reviewed on 24 June 2022
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  1. Know the terms 
  2. Understand why you need a vision statement
  3. Work with the SLT and your headteacher
  4. Set aside at least half a day to work on your vision and strategy 
  5. Choose a facilitator and send them to part 2

Viv Grant, Steve Baber and one of our associate education experts, Vicky Crane, helped us with this article. 

Know the terms 

Any discussion about things like vision and values and strategy requires some clarification up front about what we mean by these words. They can be thrown around carelessly, so first be sure everyone's on the same page about what you’re doing and why.

Vision: a statement that clearly and simply states what your school aspires to Values: the overarching principles that steer your school in everything it does. They define your core beliefs, guide your decision-making and demonstrate what your school is at its best. When you're reviewing your vision, you'll usually think about your values at the same time Strategy: the specific actions you'll take to achieve your vision Ethos: the culture and character of the school. It's how people feel when they're there, and the shared beliefs you all hold.