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  • Guide to seeking high-quality legal advice With many different providers available, and large amounts of money involved, it's important that schools have access to high-quality, reliable legal advice. Our guide will help you choose the right provider if you don't have one, decide when you need a legal opinion, and prepare for the phone call to get the best advice.
  • Interim executive board (IEB): responsibilities and priorities As an interim executive board (IEB), you have an important and challenging role. Use these pointers on what to prioritise to help you get off to a good start and ensure effective ways of working.
  • Interim executive boards: appointment, membership and role What is the process for the appointment of an interim executive board? We look at when an interim executive board (IEB) can be appointed, and relay guidance on the membership and role of an IEB. We also look at access to IEB minutes and whether governors can request the implementation of an IEB.
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  • Changing the length of the school day Read the rules on setting and changing the school day for maintained schools and academies. Get advice on how to consult on the changes, and see examples of other schools' consultations.
  • Structuring the school year Employers can set the school term dates. Find out who the employer is in your school and read guidance on what to consider when changing dates.
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  • Values & ethos
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