Last reviewed on 17 February 2022
School types: All · School phases: All
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Find out how you can support your school leaders to develop an action plan after an inspection, and what happens post-Ofsted inspection if your school has been judged inadequate.

Be clear on how Ofsted inspects governance under the 2019 Ofsted framework.

Thanks to our associate education experts Phil Preston and Kate Foale for their help writing this article.

Use the inspection feedback

You'll be invited to a feedback meeting with your school leaders once the inspection is over.

During the meeting, the lead inspector will share any recommendations for improvement (see paragraph 149 of the inspection handbook).

Make sure your school leaders use the recommendations to help form your school's action plan. This will then help to demonstrate how you intend to implement the recommendations.

School leaders will draft the action plan

Leave the operational aspects of the plan to your senior leadership team.

The action plan can be a standalone document or it can be integrated into the school improvement plan (SIP). Either way, an effective action plan should link to your SIP. 

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