Gender pay gap reporting: requirements

Any organisation with 250 or more employees is required to publish and report specific figures about its gender pay gap. Read about the reporting requirements and the current picture in the sector.

Last reviewed on 4 January 2023
School types: All · School phases: All
Ref: 34221
  1. Requirements
  2. You must publish your data by 30 March each year
  3. What figures you must report and publish
  4. What's the current picture in the education sector?

This article is based on government guidance on gender pay gap reporting (unless otherwise specified).


If your school or trust has 250 or more employees, you must:

  • Publish your gender pay gap data on your school or trust website
  • Report your data to the government online, using the gender pay gap reporting service
  • Keep this information online for a minimum of 3 years, although you may want to keep it online for longer to show progress

If your school or trust has fewer than 250 employees on your 'snapshot date' (see below), you’re not required to publish or report this information, but you may still choose to.

If your school is in a multi-academy trust with 250 or more employees, it will be your trust's responsibility to publish this data for all the schools in its trust.

Your 'snapshot date' is 31 March. This is the specific date your school