Last reviewed on 13 February 2024
School types: All · School phases: All
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Use our recommended questions to help you confidently approve your school's policy for the designated teacher of looked-after and previously looked-after children.

What this policy needs to do

Your school isn't required to have this policy. If you do decide to have one, it should comply with:

If you're in a maintained school, it should also:

If you're in an academy or free school, it should:

  • Take into account Section 2E of the Academies Act 2010
  • Comply with your funding agreement and articles of association

It's not your job to cross-reference your policy with this guidance, but you should expect your headteacher to have done so.

Read more about your role in relation to looked-after and previously looked-after children in our other article.

3 key questions to challenge the policy

Use our list of standard policy review questions as a starting point. Then ask the questions below: