Last reviewed on 19 March 2021
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A thoughtful governor induction policy does more than get your new governors off to a good start - it also serves as evidence of the board's commitment to training. Get some inspiration to create your own from policies sourced from local authorities and schools across England.

Model policy from a local authority

Bristol City Council includes a model induction policy in their Chair of Governors Handbook. To find it, search their website for 'chair of governors handbook'. The model policy is in Appendix 4. The policy sets out:

  • Its purpose
  • What new governors should expect when they first join
  • What new governors should receive in their induction pack
  • Who will take responsibility for which area of training

There's also a chair's self-audit on the effectiveness of governor induction.

Examples from schools

Community special school in Nottinghamshire

The new governor induction policy and procedure from Newark Orchard School emphasises the importance of a school-based induction. 

The policy sets out the induction process, which begins at the point that someone's considering joining the board. Prospective governors receive a packet that includes:

  • A role description
  • The school improvement plan (SIP)
  • The governors' action plan

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