Last reviewed on 20 March 2019
School types: All · School phases: All
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This article includes our model mobile phones policy, which your school can adapt to suit its needs. You can also use our checklist to help you write your own policy, or review an existing one. See examples of policies from other schools on the use of mobile phones.

Download our model policy

Use our model policy to help you set clear expectations for everyone in your school community. 

Approved by Forbes Solicitors, the policy covers pupils, staff, parents, visitors and volunteers. 

It also includes:

  • A model code of conduct/acceptable use agreement for pupils
  • Template permission forms for bringing mobile phones to school
  • A tear-and-share summary of your policy you can give to visitors when they sign in

For more model policies, visit our policy bank.

If your school is writing its own policy, or reviewing an existing one, and you just want to know what the policy should cover, use our checklist to help you:

Primary schools


St. John's CofE Primary School in Rochdale allows pupils to bring phones to school. However, they must hand them in to the class teacher every morning for safe keeping. 

Valley Primary