Questions to ask about your school's performance data

You don't need to be a data expert to use performance data effectively. Use our guide to learn how to prepare for and participate in data-driven meetings and ask challenging questions.

Last reviewed on 13 July 2023
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  1. Prepare before the meeting
  2. Ask questions at the meeting
  3. More resources for committees and link governors

Prepare before the meeting

Review the data

Before the meeting, you'll receive copies of all the documents your board will review. This will probably include the headteacher's report, where you'll find the performance data. Use the opportunity to go over any performance data ahead of time.

Your headteacher should present the data in a way that’s clear and easy to understand. Even with minimal understanding of performance data, you should be able to tell:

  • How well your school is performing compared to schools locally and nationally
  • Whether pupils are performing as expected, better or below expectations
  • What the best performing areas of learning are
  • Which subjects are a cause for concern

If these key points aren't easy to determine, speak to your chair about having the headteacher present the data in a format that's easier to read for the next meeting.

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