School food standards and labelling requirements: governors' role

Understand what the food standards are and how you can monitor compliance, including what questions to ask. Plus, get to grips with Natasha's Law and the allergen labelling requirements.

Last reviewed on 29 June 2023
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  1. Your school food standards: requirements 
  2. Natasha's Law: your allergen and food labelling requirements 
  3. How to monitor compliance with food standards and labelling

Your school food standards: requirements 

The Requirements for School Food Regulations 2014 introduced standards for school food into law, and specify which types of food and drinks should be served at school and how often.

Who do they apply to?

These regulations are compulsory for:

  • All maintained schools
  • Certain academies depending on when they were opened (check your funding agreement)

If your school is an academy that doesn't have these regulations covered in its funding agreement, you're only expected to comply with them.

What meals are covered?

The standards cover all food and drink your school provides pupils on and off school premises up to 6pm. 

This includes:

  • School lunches
  • Breakfast clubs
  • Tuck shops
  • Mid-morning breaks
  • Vending machines
  • After-school clubs

Lunches provided to other people on your school's premises must also meet these standards.

However, these standards don't apply to