Last reviewed on 2 January 2019
School types: All · School phases: All
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Key questions to consider when setting up a new multi-academy trust, covering the potential benefits, structure and risks.

Potential benefits

  • How will setting up a MAT lead to school improvement?
  • How will our school be able to support others, and what support will other schools offer us?
  • Will pupils benefit from a wider range of curricular and extra-curricular options?
  • By establishing a MAT, will the pupils have more chance of being able to access a range of good and outstanding provision?
  • If there are both primary and secondary schools in the MAT, how will this aid transition between them? Will the primary school serve as a feeder to the secondary school?
  • Would being part of a MAT lead to better professional development opportunities for staff?
  • Will establishing the MAT generate savings and economies of scale?

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Are the finances of the schools who might join the MAT