Last reviewed on 13 January 2022
School types: All · School phases: All
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Have our handy list of monitoring questions up your sleeve as you get back into the swing of things this new year. See what to ask your school leaders, and what to look for in a good answer, to keep you all focused and on track.

Welcome back!

Returning from the winter break and getting back into the governance mindset can sometimes be tricky. Use our timely list of monitoring questions to ask your school leaders, to make sure you have the important things covered.

These questions are just suggestions, so you're not expected to ask them all. You might choose a few on areas that are a priority for your board and your school. You could also come back to this list whenever you need it throughout the year.

You might have committees or link governors, such as the safeguarding link governor, who'll ask some of these questions and report back to your board. But they're still useful to know about in case you need to ask them yourself, and as a refresher on what areas your board needs to keep an eye on. 


Your headteacher likely has a lot on their