Last reviewed on 5 April 2019
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See examples of terms of reference for pupil discipline committees from local authorities, primary, secondary and special schools.

Some schools use the term 'exclusion panel', while others use 'discipline panel' or 'discipline committee'. Here we refer to the governor exclusions panel to avoid confusion between this and the independent review panel.


Medium-size community school, Bolton

Clarendon Primary School has published its pupil discipline committee terms of reference. It explains that:

  • The committee will be comprised of at least 3 governors (excluding the headteacher and staff)
  • Committee members are called to serve on the committee from a panel of available governors, on a rota basis and in alphabetical order

They list the functions of the committee, explaining that it is to act within statutory procedures relating to exclusions. 

Find them on page 17 of the 'Committee structure' document, hosted under the 'governor pages' heading on the top right-hand side of the school website.

Medium-size community school, Rochdale