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Save time by downloading our exclusions panel terms of reference template so you're clear on what your panel's responsible for. Get help on what to include, plus see examples from other schools.

Please note: some schools use the term 'exclusion panel', while others use 'discipline panel' or 'discipline committee'. We use the term 'exclusions panel' to avoid confusion between this and the independent review panel.

What to include

Maintained schools: your board can delegate its functions to a designated sub-committee (we've called it a panel) consisting of at least 3 governors.

Academies: your board can delegate to a smaller sub-committee if your articles of association allow you to.

Like most terms of reference, be sure to cover:

  • The purpose of the panel
  • How many governors will sit on the panel, including any ineligible governors
  • Quorum for your panel
  • When meetings will take place
  • The panel's responsibilities

Making sure the panel meets within the statutory timeframe(s). You can find these on page 38 and 39 of the Department for Education’s (DfE's) guidance on school suspensions and permanent exclusions  Considering the interests and