Training for clerks to the governing board

Clerks should have all of the skills and knowledge set out in the clerking competency framework. Discover what funding is available to you and where to find the training you need.

Last reviewed on 7 July 2022
School types: All · School phases: All
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  1. Find the training you need
  2. Earn a clerking certification
  3. A note on training for clerks in single and multi-academy trusts
  4. Stay up to date with changes in education

We refer to several training providers in this article. This is for information only – The Key doesn't endorse or recommend any particular providers.

Find the training you need

Training is available from various sources, such as:

Local authorities (LAs)

Your LA should be the first place you look for low-cost (and sometimes free!) training closest to you.

For example, Cambridgeshire's Learn Together site includes services for school governance. There's a calendar of training opportunities for everyone involved in school governance, as well as some targeted directly at clerks. 

Solihull Council also offers governor services (see 'service package form' under 'documents'), including training for new clerks on:

  • Why schools have boards
  • The clerk's role and responsibilities
  • How to be an effective clerk
  • How to develop good working relationships
  • Where to find support and training

It also holds regular 'good practice meetings' to ensure clerks know their role and responsibilities.

The National Association of School and College Clerks (NASCC) is