Last reviewed on 30 January 2020
School types: All · School phases: All
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A handy guide to the most common roles you’ll come across in your school, so you know who everyone is and what they’re responsible for.

This article is based on our model role descriptions on The Key for School Leaders and The Key for School Governors, plus the Academies Financial Handbook (AFH) and our glossary.

Download our cheat sheet

Keep this handy so you can refer back to it to check who different people are in your school, and what their responsibilities are.

You might not have every role listed here in your school, and you might have additional ones, so feel free to edit and annotate as you like.

The cheat sheet covers:

  • Leadership roles
  • Teachers, support and admin staff
  • Governors
  • Academy-specific governance roles

It includes a short description of the role, and the school type it’s relevant to (maintained or academy).

If you can't print it off right now, or prefer to be paperless, we've included all the information below.

Role Description School type Executive headteacher/principal In a maintained school, is appointed for