Last reviewed on 23 March 2021
School types: All · School phases: All
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A solid induction can help new governors understand their roles and be effective straight away. Discover resources to help them get off to a great start.

A solid induction gets a new governor on their feet quickly

It's best practice for all new governors to have induction training because: 

  • Your board will work most efficiently when everyone knows their roles and responsibilities 
  • Ofsted will consider governors' commitment to their development as part of the 'leadership and management' judgement 

In order to make that happen, your board needs to:

  • Identify induction and ongoing training needs
  • Encourage all governors to take advantage of the resources, guidance and training available to them
  • Set aside a budget for governor training needs

This is set out in the Governance Handbook (page 43).

Online training from The Key

We now offer comprehensive induction programmes for maintained school governors as well as for academy governors on local governing bodies in multi-academy trusts. This is included with your membership.

Our training offer

Our on-demand courses will give the newest members of your board the opportunity to learn at a time and pace that suits them, in the comfort of their own home.

Our courses have been specifically designed by experts, and include:

  • Bitesize sections of video clips
  • Quick-read articles
  • Practical tasks that help participants put their learnings to the test in real-life scenarios

Getting started

Have them register with The Key for School Governors. They'll require a personal login, which they can create online by doing the following:

  • Visit My Key (
  • Have your school's postcode to hand, which they will need for the registration
  • Fill in the short registration form, and select 'The Key for School Governors' when given the option

Once they register, they'll have access to more than just training. They can access our full range of resources, read up on the topics they're likely to encounter and keep up-to-date with changes in education.

Check with your LA or academy trust 

Formal induction courses from your local authority (LA) or academy trust can also give new governors a chance to learn about their new roles and network with governors from different schools at the same time.

Salford City Council, for example, runs a 1-day induction course covering:

  • The principles of good governance
  • The roles and responsibilities of governing bodies
  • How the governing board should challenge and support the work of the school
  • Governors' use of data
  • Ofsted's impact on the role of the governing board and what to expect from a school inspection

Run in-school induction training

In addition to any formal training on the role of a governor, be sure to give your new governors information about the school they're going to be serving. Run an in-school induction that includes:

  • A tour of the school
  • An introduction to staff
  • Meetings with the headteacher and chair
  • A meeting with the school council
  • An introduction to a governor mentor/buddy

Record your training on GovernorHub

You can keep a record of your training courses on GovernorHub, now included with your membership to The Key for School Governors.