Last reviewed on 25 June 2018
School types: All · School phases: All
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Download our governor development plan template to help you organise the development of your governors, and follow our advice for what to consider when you’re creating your plan.

Downloadable governor development plan template

Download our template plan to help you organise your governing board's development. 

We worked with Phil Preston, one of our associate education experts, to develop this template. In the next section, Phil suggests a process to follow when creating your development plan. 

It should be a working document

However, maintaining the plan should not become a burden for you or your board. To make it easy for governors to monitor it and add updates, you should share it as an online document.

An individual governor, such as the training link governor, could be given responsibility for keeping a more general overview of the plan, and how governors are interacting with it.

Follow this process to create your plan

The first step to take is to assess how your board is currently performing, and identify any areas in which you