Last reviewed on 10 September 2019
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Read these pointers to recruit a governor with the skills your governing board needs, including using a governor recruitment service, creating a compelling advert and reaching out to the places where your ideal governors are.

Governor recruitment charity Governors for Schools helped us write this article. 

Audit your governing board to clarify the skills you need

Your priority when recruiting a new governor should be finding someone with the skills and experience your board needs to be effective. 

Use our skills audit, based on the competency framework, to identify your board's gaps. Use the outcome of the audit to form a 'skills-based set of recruitment criteria' for your appointments. The article has further documents to support your board's self-evaluation. 

Read more about building an effective governing board on p29 of the Governance Handbook.

Use a free governor recruitment service

Governors for Schools, a charity, will find you suitable governors, for free.

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