Last reviewed on 13 July 2021
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Get ahead with our year planner. Keep on top of important deadlines and the tasks you should carry out each term as a governing board.

Please note: if you're in a secondary school, the exam timetable for the coming year hasn't been published yet.

Download and adapt our year planner

Make sure your governing board stays up to date and compliant in the year ahead, with:

  • Key dates and deadlines
  • Checklists of tasks to carry out each term, and a list of ongoing tasks

Please note that this isn't exhaustive, and dates of events may change. Check with your local authority to confirm any further requirements.

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Get ready for 2021/22 with guidance on:


Our associate experts Fred Birkett and Fiona Stagg helped us create the year planner in this article.

Fred is an experienced teacher and education consultant. He's been a governor for 20 years in primary and secondary schools and a chair of governors for half that time.

Fiona is a national leader of governance and an independent clerk. She’s an experienced chair of governors, conducts external reviews of governance, and supports and mentors chairs and clerks. She's also a facilitator for the DfE's governance leadership programme.