Last reviewed on 13 April 2023
School types: All · School phases: All
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Get up to speed on the headline topics you're likely to cover in your board meetings this term. Read on to understand each issue and feel prepared with questions you can ask to scrutinise the agenda items effectively.

Prioritise wellbeing and mental health

After a challenging 2 terms, you'll want to make sure that your trust is supporting the wellbeing of headteachers, senior leaders, staff and pupils. 

What's being done to support headteacher and CEO wellbeing? How do we know if they're coping with their workload and achieving a healthy work-life balance? What is our trust doing to improve wellbeing for each of the following groups: headteacher, senior leaders, staff, and pupils? Does it have action plans for this? If so, what's the intended impact of these initiatives? How does the trust know whether they're working?  Do senior leaders survey staff to understand their needs – for example, using a wellbeing questionnaire? Does our school and/or trust vision include a commitment to improving mental health and wellbeing? If not, should we review the