Spring term 2022 agenda items and how to prepare

Here are the headline issues you're likely to cover in your full governing board meeting this term. Read on to understand each issue and get prepared with questions you can ask to interrogate the agenda items effectively.

Last reviewed on 16 November 2021
School types: All · School phases: All
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  1. Understand your school's plans for 2022 exams
  2. Complete the SFVS (maintained schools)
  3. Finalise next year’s budget (maintained schools)
  4. Manage your accounts (academies)
  5. Monitor any continued spending from the coronavirus catch-up premium
  6. Monitor recovery premium funding
  7. Get school food on the agenda
  8. Review your recruitment processes
  9. Determine admission arrangements for entry in September 2023
  10. Review and publish gender pay gap information
  11. Continue to monitor your school's contingency plan for remote learning
  12. Monitor your school improvement plan (SIP)
  13. Review your school's equality information and objectives

Understand your school's plans for 2022 exams

The Department for Education (DfE) says that exams will go ahead this school year. Understand what's changed this year and what questions you should ask.

GCSEs, AS and