Spring term 2024 agenda items and how to prepare

Here are the headline issues you're likely to cover in your full governing board meeting this term. Read on to understand each issue and feel prepared with further reading and questions you can ask to interrogate the agenda items effectively.

Last reviewed on 22 November 2023
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  1. Increase stakeholder engagement
  2. Monitor how attendance is going
  3. Think about wellbeing and mental health
  4. Understand your trust's plans for 2024 tests and exams
  5. Manage your accounts
  6. Review your recruitment processes
  7. Determine admission arrangements for entry in September 2025
  8. Review and publish gender pay gap information
  9. Monitor your improvement plan
  10. Set up trustees and local governors with training from The Key

Increase stakeholder engagement

There has been an increasing focus on stakeholder engagement at trust level since the release of the trust quality descriptions and the updated Academy Trust Handbook last year. 

Strategic oversight of stakeholder engagement is now 1 of the 3 main purposes of the board of trustees, and a characteristics of a high-quality trust.

Read our article on how to raise your board of trustees' visibility in your trust community, and add stakeholder engagement to your agenda for spring term to start discussions on how to foster 'meaningful engagement'.

Attendance isn't where it should be for many schools this year – if this is the case in your school/trust, you should check-in and make sure that leaders are doing everything they can to promote good attendance. You could ask your headteacher/CEO to include attendance in their report, if they don't already do this, so you have the figures