Last reviewed on 12 July 2022
School types: All · School phases: All
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Here's a rundown of the headline issues you're likely to cover in your full governing board or committee meetings this term. Read on to understand each issue, and feel prepared with links to further reading and questions to ask.

You'll likely cover some of the items below in a full board meeting, while others may be delegated to committees, depending on the structure of your governing board. If you're unsure, ask your clerk as they will be best placed to know where you'll be covering each item.

Continue to monitor your school’s educational recovery plan

This includes funding through the:

  • Recovery premium
  • National tutoring programme (NTP)

The governing board is responsible for scrutinising your school's plans for and use of this extra funding to make sure your school is:

  • Spending the funding in line with its education recovery priorities and its assessment of the impact of the pandemic on pupils' education and wellbeing
  • Being transparent with parents about the use of the funding
  • Monitoring the impact of funding on educational outcomes

Be clear on these different streams of funding, and how to scrutinise them in this article.

Questions to ask senior leaders

During your governing board meeting, ask: