Autumn term 2022 agenda items and how to prepare

Here's a rundown of the headline issues you're likely to cover in your full governing board or committee meetings this term. Read on to understand each issue, and feel prepared with links to further reading and questions to ask.

Last reviewed on 29 September 2022
School types: All · School phases: All
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  1. Consider the cost-of-living crisis
  2. Continue to monitor your school’s educational recovery plan
  3. Safeguarding: check compliance with updated guidance
  4. Be clear on changes coming into effect this autumn
  5. Maintained schools and single academy trusts (SATs): consider joining a MAT
  6. Elect your chair and vice-chair
  7. Review committees and link governor roles
  8. Approve the school improvement plan
  9. Get ready to review performance data this term
  10. Scrutinise teachers' pay recommendations
  11. Conduct headteacher appraisal 
  12. Get a UK GDPR update from your data protection officer
  13. Set your governors up with our training
  14. More articles to help you prepare for your next meeting and beyond

You'll likely cover some of the items below in a full board meeting, while others may be delegated to committees, depending on the structure of your governing board. If you're unsure, ask your clerk as they will be best placed to know where you'll be covering each item.

Consider the cost-of-living crisis

Rising costs are on everyone's minds right now. Your school community is likely to be affected in at least 1 of these areas:

  • Budget and financial strategy
  • Wellbeing and welfare of pupils and staff
  • Recruitment

Devote some of your board's focus this autumn to how you can support your school through the cost-of-living crisis by prioritising welfare and providing effective financial scrutiny.

Continue to monitor your school’s educational recovery plan

This includes funding through the:

  • Recovery premium
  • National tutoring programme (NTP)

Spending the funding