Last reviewed on 21 February 2023
School types: All · School phases: All
Ref: 42120

Be clear on the type and number of governors or trustees you must have.

Requirements in maintained schools

You must have at least 7 governors.

This must include:

The rules are slightly different for hard federations

If you're in a hard federation, it's:

  • Exactly 2 parent governors (either from the same school or different schools in the federation)
  • The headteacher of each school (unless any of them decide not to be a governor)
  • Only 1 staff governor
  • Only 1 LA governor

You can appoint as many additional co-opted governors as you consider necessary

However, the number of co-opted governors who are eligible to be elected or appointed as staff governors must not exceed one-third of the total membership of your board, when counted with the 1 staff governor and the headteacher (or headteachers, in a hard federation), and including any vacancies. 

The rules depend on your