Last reviewed on 21 February 2023
School types: All · School phases: All
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Be clear on the type and number of governors or trustees you must have.

Always check your articles of association first

Your specific arrangements are set out in your individual articles, so be sure to check those in case your rules differ. The information below is set out in the model articles of association

Key requirements in academies and free schools

According to the DfE's model articles, the rules you need to follow are:

1. You should have at least 3 trustees

See article 45 of the model articles. 

2. Single academies should have at least 2 parent trustees. Multi-academy trusts should have at least 2 parent representatives on your board of trustees, or at least 2 on each of your LGBs

See article 54 of the model articles.

Previous employment means within the last 4 years. This is covered in article 139 of the model