Register of interests (maintained schools)

Governing boards must publish a register of interests online. Use GovernorHub and our template register to streamline the process and make sure you've got everything covered, and read up on the requirements.

Last reviewed on 2 March 2023
School types: Maintained · School phases: All
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  1. What you need to do: in summary
  2. Use GovernorHub to streamline the process
  3. Template declaration form and register
  4. Who should be included on the register?
  5. What counts as an interest?
  6. How specific should the register be?
  7. Examples from schools

What you need to do: in summary

Your board must:

  • Keep a register of the up-to-date business and pecuniary interests of governors and the headteacher
    • This is to make sure your board is transparent and open
  • Publish your register online, and say that you’ll do so in your code of conduct
    • It should be in a "readily accessible form" with information available on a webpage "without the need to download or open a separate document"

Clerks/governance professionals usually manage the register, and ask governors to update it annually or when their circumstances change.

The rules are set out in the statutory guidance on the constitution of governing bodies of maintained schools (see page 12).

Use GovernorHub to streamline the process

Let your governors know that they can add their declarations of interest to their GovernorHub profile.

Template declaration