Last reviewed on 10 September 2021
School types: All · School phases: All
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Be clear how to coordinate a panel hearing in a fair and transparent way. Download our list of statutory deadlines for exclusion and admission panels, and get tips on running a remote hearing during coronavirus.

Types of panel hearings and your role in them

You may be asked to clerk different types of governor panels. These are mainly set up on an ad-hoc basis to hear appeals related to topics such as:

  • Exclusions (e.g. if parents are unhappy with the school's decision to exclude their child)
  • Parent complaints
  • Staff pay 
  • Staff discipline or grievances 
  • Admissions

Your role is to coordinate the panel, which usually involves: 

  • Identifying who needs to be involved and who can't be on the panel (this'll depend on the type of panel)
  • Preparing a document pack ahead of the meeting and sending it to all parties involved
  • Arranging a meeting time for the hearing and making sure it's in line with any statutory timeframes (see the 'prepare for the panel meeting' section below)
  • Preparing the agenda
  • Setting up the room that the meeting will be held in (or the virtual platform if you're holding the meeting remotely) 
  • Informing participants of the outcome of the hearing

Here we've summarised the