School-led tutoring grant: summary

Find out your school's requirements for using the school-led tutoring grant (part of the National Tutoring Programme), and when it will receive the funding.

Last reviewed on 8 July 2022
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  1. School-led tutoring in 2022/23
  2. It’s a grant to support catch-up tutoring 
  3. It’s for state-funded schools and academy trusts 
  4. How the funding is allocated
  5. When and how your school will receive it 
  6. Your school isn't required to use it, but there are conditions and reporting requirements

This article summarises the DfE’s guidance on the school-led tutoring grant. Read it alongside the conditions of grant guidance

School-led tutoring in 2022/23

In 2022/23, your school will get your National Tutoring Programme (NTP) funding directly through the Education and Skills Funding Agency (ESFA) at school and academy level (this means if you're an academy in a MAT, your funding will go directly to you, rather than to your MAT first). Previously, the funding was paid through the ESFA as part of its scheduled payments to your school (academies) or LA (maintained schools). See more information in the DfE’s plans to simplify the NTP.

The school-led tutoring grant will cover 60% of the average cost of tutoring, based on a 15-hour tutoring package, at £18 per pupil, per hour, unit cost. 

For the school-led tutoring grant in 2021/22, please refer to our guidance below.

School-led tutoring is a ring-fenced grant to