Get the knowledge you need to feel confident when monitoring your school's finances.

Understand the basics

Learn the basics of how your school is funded, and your role in monitoring your school's finances.

Dig into the details


Your school's budget is made up of different pots of funding, and some of these pots come with rules about how your school or trust can spend that money. 

Learn the detail about each aspect of your school's funding.

Understand my role on a local governing body

If your school is in a multi-academy trust, your financial responsibilities are determined by your trust's scheme of delegation.

Find out how your local governing body (LGB) supports effective financial management across the trust, and in your own school. 

Approve the budget

The budget approval process for your school will depend on whether you're a single academy or in a multi-academy trust, and how your trust delegates financial responsibilities.

No matter how your trust is organised, use our guidance to help you understand key processes, and your role in them, so you can ensure your trust's financial planning is robust. 

Carry out my role on the finance committee/as the finance expert

If you're on the finance committee, or you're the board's finance expert, you need to understand finance in more detail.

Use our resources to help you carry out key tasks.

Help my school raise money

If budgets are tight, raising money or generating new income can be key to balancing the books. 

Find out how you can support your school.