Last reviewed on 26 March 2018
School types: All · School phases: All
Ref: 4845

Find out what you should expect to see in a report on performance management, and the types of questions you should expect to see answered on the impact of the performance management procedure.

We talked to Fred Birkett and Jacqueline Baker, 2 of our associate education experts, about what should be included in a report on performance management.

Performance data

The report should not be 'static', but should document how and why staff performance has changed over time.

This should involve drawing out data that compares performance data between performance management periods.

You should also have this data broken down for different staff groups, such as for:

  • The leadership team
  • Classroom teachers
  • Support staff

Capability procedures

You should see data on the percentage of staff on informal and formal capability procedures.

As explained above, this report should document change over time by comparing these percentages between the previous and current performance management periods and also have a breakdown for different staff groups. 

In addition, you should be informed:

  • Where there have been capability issues
  • What action has been taken

Impact of performance management

Our experts suggested some questions you should see answered as part of the report.

Effectiveness of procedure