Teachers' pay award 2022: cheat sheet

Unsure how the latest changes to teacher pay affect your school? Get up to speed with our cheat sheet.

Last reviewed on 17 October 2022
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  1. Download our cheat sheet
  2. What’s changed?
  3. Which teachers does this affect?
  4. Which teachers will need to have their pay raised?
  5. Who can receive TLR payments for catch-up tutoring?
  6. Who is paying for this?

Download our cheat sheet

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Download: 2022 teacher pay award cheat sheet DOCX, 102.8 KB

See our fuller overview of all the changes in the School Teachers' Pay and Conditions Document (STPCD) 2022.

What’s changed?

From 1 September 2022:

  • There's a 5% increase across all pay and allowance ranges
  • Parts of the main pay range (MPR) have higher increases

Which teachers does this affect?

All teachers employed under the terms of the STPCD.

The STPCD applies to all teachers in maintained schools, including:

  • Senior leaders, such as headteachers
  • Special educational needs coordinators (SENCOs)
  • Part-time teachers
  • Non-agency supply teachers

For other teachers in academies, check their contracts and your own pay policy to see if they’re employed under the terms